UPGRADE from 50x60fleece to 50x60Sherpa

UPGRADE from 50x60fleece to 50x60Sherpa

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Order placed for 50x60fleece but wants upgraded to a 50x60sherpa

This is the Difference in price only. 

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About our blankets

High Quality

Our customized cozy blanket with photos is made of premium quality materials like Sherpa and Fleece and features sturdy construction to serve you for many years to come. The personalized photos and pictures are also of high quality to last for a long time. There is no easy fading of the prints, even when you wash the custom blankets regularly.

Super Comfy

The personalized photo blanket is super comfortable, fluffy and warm and the photos or pictures do not affect the softness and elegance of our blankets. With our custom picture blankets, you enjoy your sleep like never before. The materials are safe with no toxic elements, making our photo blanket perfect for those with sensitive skin and kids.

Personalized Touch

It feels good to enjoy relaxing with a custom photo blanket with your favorite photo or picture. Our product allows you to enjoy comfort and warmth while napping. Besides, we allow you to send your favorite image that you would love to be on your customized blanket.

Available in Different Sizes

Our custom photo blankets come in different sizes, colors, and designs to complement your bedroom décor. The picture blanket personalized is available for kids, adults, and the elderly. Just pick your preferred size and enjoy your sleep.

Excellent Gift Idea

How about surprising your loved ones with a customized blanket gift on their memorable day? Feels lovely, right? Our custom photo blankets allow you to express your love to your kids, girlfriend, lover, or friends on their birthday, housewarming party, Anniversaries, wedding, and much more.

Sizing Information

30"x40" - Baby Blanket or Pets
50"x60" - Great size for a throw on sofa or couch
60"x80" - A very large full size blanket